Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elmo, Where Have You Been All My Life!

One of the best tools for teaching art. If you are able to talk your school into getting one of these, I highly, highly recommend it. I can tell you that if my school did not have the money for this I would buy a web came and make some kind of stand to create a make-shift document camera. It is totally worth it! I have found that the kids are more engaged, I am able to show drawing, cutting and painting techniques without dripping that everyone can see. Amazing technology!


  1. I'm thinking about getting one. Do you sit it on your demo table?

  2. Yes, I sit it on my demo table and I had to put a couple of book under it to make it higher so that you can see larger pieces of paper. It zooms and has an auto focus. I can also take still picture and videos to make tutorials.

  3. Nice idea! I may try this!


  4. I have the Elmo and I could not live without my technology setup. I also have a laptop and projector and most of my visuals are now converted to PowerPoint. Will help so much as I travel or when I change schools or jobs!
    Check out my blog- Glad I stopped by yours!
    The ART of Education

  5. I agree, I would prefer not to live without technology it is awesome and the kids really like it and are very engaged. I think it is funny when the little kindergartners are so amazed that they can see my hands on the projector.

  6. I am DESPERATE for an Elmo!! Our school has a document camera which I have yet to try out... do you have any experience on those?



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