Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Art Room

I decided to put up some pics of my classroom and share a little bit about how my classroom flows. I work for a small private school so my room is not as large as most art rooms. I can't complain because I feel blessed just to have my own room. You can see my classroom rules listed above my dry erase board. I like to keep a visible calender mainly for my 6th graders because they have more deadlines than any of my other art classes. If only I could keep my class room this clean all year.

The drawers you see in the back of the room hold all my art examples. I also have a big cabinet out in the hallway to hold all my student work. The school asks that I try and "hide" things, but it is very difficult to do. I'm definitely not a magician.
Every year I have trying new ideas for discipline and rewards. My newest attempt at this is the ART CHART. I keep the letters ART on my white board. If the class is too loud I take down a letter. If the T is taken away we are on whisper class, if the R is taken we are on silent class, and if the A is taken the next class will be silent class. If the class keep their "ART" they will receive a star on the art chart. Three stars will give them a free seat day. I am also thinking about a larger reward for so many free seat days. Not sure about that idea yet. So far this system is working well and the kids are paying attention to the ART Chart.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clay Kids Camps

This was the first clay camp for K-2nd graders. It was a learning experience. I found that I do not like air dry clay to much. It is a bit too fragile and kids art work broke easily. Overall, I was able to fire a majority of the clay projects and have them ready for painting by Friday. I plan have more clay projects that will be fired in the kiln next time and have the kids come back for an extra day to finish painting. Here are some of the pictures. I will post images of the final glazed ceramics in about a week or so.

Clay Turtles

We used acrylic paint on the air dry clay and then covered it with modpodge on the to make it shiny. For most of the ceramics we used underglaze that I will glaze and fire in the kiln.

Clay fish, pinch pots, and name plaques.
More clay fish, coil pots and necklace pendants.

Clay vases. This was my favorite of the projects. I just wish we had not done it with air dry clay. You live and learn.
This is what it looks like from the back. The vase holds the flower and also keeps it standing up right.Some of the finished projects.


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