Saturday, October 17, 2009

They Run on Brains, Not Batteries

So I was reading another blog and was watching the video clip on how crayola crayons were made. While looking around I found this classic crayon commercial and thought it was cute and very realistic. I know that I spent many hours drawing and trying to think up names and create stories for my characters. This video really shows you that not much changes over the years when you hand a pack of crayons to a child.

Friday, October 16, 2009

In Full Swing

This year is already flying by. School is in full swing and so are all my art projects.

Kindergarten is doing Overlapping Hands.

1st grade is almost finished with the Jungle Collage.

2nd grade just finished the Still-Life Drawing.

3rd grade just started Landscape Watercolor Resist.

4th grade also just started the Still-Life Oil Pastel.

5th is really close to finishing the Metal Repousse.

and 6th grade is struggling through Straight-Ahead and 3/4 Viewpoint portrait drawings.

K-5th projects are going well and are very familiar at this point. However, 6th grade life drawing is a struggle each year. I try and change it a little each time I teach it to make lesson a little easier for the students to understand and apply. The students quickly get bored and lose motivation. I believe they are not feeling successful enough. When ever I see a the "light bulb" go off and the student understands the techniques I am teaching them are able apply those techniques to their drawing. They become much more enthusiastic about their work and want to keep going. I am following a curriculum that was set up by the current middle school/high school art teacher. I respect him so much but there are times I struggle with one or two of the projects. Sometimes it is hard to remember that this is my classroom and I have to do things that work for me and my students.


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