Saturday, October 17, 2009

They Run on Brains, Not Batteries

So I was reading another blog and was watching the video clip on how crayola crayons were made. While looking around I found this classic crayon commercial and thought it was cute and very realistic. I know that I spent many hours drawing and trying to think up names and create stories for my characters. This video really shows you that not much changes over the years when you hand a pack of crayons to a child.


  1. i used to love crayola when i was a kid too! ;)
    a cute commercial and a very nice tagline

  2. Hi, there.

    I just discovered your blog...because of the Crayola commercial you featured on it.

    I'm an advertising guy -- and a parent -- and i have always LOVED this Crayola theme line: it says SO much about why a simple box of crayons is so much better than a battery-driven toy for kids' creativity, etc. I remember the commercial from having seen it on TV 20+ years ago.

    For years I've been looking for another commercial in this series that Crayola did. (But thank you for finding this one, with the same theme line.) Could you tell me where you found this one? It may guide me to the first one I saw. You can reach me at deadaphids@aol(dot)com.

    Thanks so much.

    ~ Ed



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