Thursday, March 18, 2010

5th Grade Metal Repousse's

Though my class is way past this project I wanted to showcase some of the Repouse's. 5th grade projects always take a lot of time, especially this project. The great thing about the Metal Repousse's are that we get two projects out of one. Student start with a pencil drawing and trace over the pencil with black pen which creates an imprint on the sheet of metal. I know there several teacher's who attempt this project and the key is to use a thicker gauge of sheet aluminum. After tracing their drawings, students lift the paper and use a clay tool to press the lines deeper into the metal. Student will flip the metal piece over to the back and press inside the lines so that shapes will pop out, creating more of a relief effect. At times students will need to flip back to the front and and repress the lines. The last step is to cover the entire front with indian ink, let it dry in the sun for a few minutes and then rub off high areas of the metal with a piece of steel wool.

I will be posting some images showing the process soon. While you are waiting, please enjoy a short video showcasing the projects.

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  1. these are amazing!!! truly! What gauge aluminum. Where do you get it?

  2. It is a 36 gauge aluminum and I get it from School Specialty.



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