Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bulletin Board: 1st and 2nd Grade Lines and Shapes Projects

So here is another bulletin board showcasing some 1st and 2nd grade artwork. I have to say I do love the purple and lime green (two of my favorite colors). I would love to keep the color scheme but I have to put a little variety in my bulletin board designs so that they constantly look different and unique.

For 1st grade we start the year out with a cut paper collage project. I talk about different types of shapes, repetition, overlapping and balance. We covered basic cutting techniques and using glue properly. Dot, dot, not a lot!

2nd grade - Line and Shapes design. I usually start 2nd grade drawing line and shapes with the thin Mr. Sketch Markers but I decided to change it up. I had the class start by drawing 5-6 lines that overlap. Inside each shape they are to draw a pattern using repeating lines, shapes and colors. I picked this up from another blog that did it in black and white. I think choosing to do this in color turned out really well.

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