Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1st Grade: Mouse Paint Color Wheel

So I had seen a couple of other art teachers do a lesson on Mouse Paint and thought they were so cute. I have been wanting 1st grade to do more coloring mixing so I thought it would be a cute idea to create a Mouse Paint inspired color wheel.


First, we read the book. I also created a power point that went over Primary, Secondary, Cool, Warm, and Complementary colors.


Then, I showed them how to draw the mouse. As a guide with the size they folded a piece of paper into 8 parts.


They drew six mice and cut them out.


I went with the Deep Space Sparkle painting technique using a plate with the primary colors. The students paint their primary colors.


Mixing up some green. Just a little bit a blue is enough.


Paint the Secondary colors.


Glue the mice on the paper.


I had them finish by adding tails and painting the ears. You could even have a title at the top.



  1. It is about the information so colorfull that the site is so great then the The founding Strube family had owned the business until it sold Color Wheel to the Comex Group in 2006. The Comex Group operates a number of regional paint manufacturers in the US, including Kwal Paint and Frazee Paint.Wheels in Florida

  2. Thank you! I'm a first year teacher, I love Mouse Paint, and thought this idea would be great with my first graders for learning about primary and secondary colors. It went so well! I posted a picture on my blog to show the end results. Thanks again!




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