Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photoshop and Animoto

One of my first camps this summer was the digital art camp. This is the second year having this camp and it is one of my favorites. The kids get to do things that are completely new.
One of my favorite projects was inspired by Video Art in Photoshop and Video Art and Photoshop for Kids by Nicole Dalesio. She is another great educator and blogger. She has some fun projects using video and Photoshop that are very easy to follow.
For one of the projects the kids picked a theme that would be easy to film short clips. For this project the them was “kids at play”. The kids went out in groups and picked something to play on in the playground. I showed them how to film at different angles to get more interesting compositions. It was important that they keep the videos short.
Then, I taught them how to edit the length of their clips and apply adjustment layers to their videos using Photoshop.

Once all the videos were complete, I finished the project by uploading the video files to Animoto. Here is the final result.

Check out Nicole Dalesio’s website to see how to apply the filters to video in Photoshop.


  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for posting. It makes me want to learn more and more. Will definitely check out the link and the book.

  2. You asked if I dilute the vinegar in the repare of clay. I didn't. That worked really well!

    PS... Great videos!



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