Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pinch Pots and Tempra Paint

About a year and half ago I went to a art teacher convention. I had a great time learning new projects, meeting other art teachers and of course the free samples. I was in the show room looking at ceramic tools and different underglazes for clay projects. I ended up talking to this other art teacher and we both commented on the fact that paint for ceramics are always so expensive. She mentioned to me that she had some tempera cakes and used it to paint on the fired ceramic pieces. To give the paint a glossy look and bring out the color she said to add a glossy spray paint on top of the tempera. Well, I just tried it out in preparation for my summer clay camp and I had great results. This is the kind of stuff that I love. Finding a way to use materials in different ways and saving money is awesome!


  1. Wow! They came out really well with that cake tempera. Something to consider for next year!

  2. Awesome! I'm glad it worked. I didn't get a real chance to use tempera for a project this year but I will be using it during one of my camps. I will post more pictures.

  3. Brittney- Check out my web blog for some other brilliant techniques for painting ceramics- glazing is dead as far as I am concerned fro elementary students- we are just too busy!!

  4. I did pout-pout clay fish (based on the book: The Pout=Pout Fish). The 3rd graders painted on tempura (vibrant neon colors were especially eye catching) after the bisque fire. Rather than spray paint to get the gloss effect, I painted on (or the kids could) thinned down modge podge...worked perfectly. This was the best clay project last year and far simpler than the usual glazing process.



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