Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2nd Grade: Monster Collage

First, I have to give credit to Deep Space Sparkle for such a great project idea. I could not resist doing this project last year and the kids loved it. I decided to change it a up a little to make it my own. I hope you enjoy.

The first thing I start with is reading the book Where the Wild Things Are. The project is based on the illustrations, focusing on line, pattern and texture. When the students draw their monsters I expect them to use line, pattern and texture just like the book.
Next, I show them how to draw the body of the monster using basic shapes. I also show them an easy way to draw arms, legs and claws. I have put a step-by-step example of how to draw a monster below. I do make sure to explain to the kids that this is about being creative and they do not have to draw their monster exactly like mine. The last step to drawing the monster is pattern and texture with lines and shapes.

Paint with water colors. I suggest bright colors to complement the crayon colors.

Forest background. Using crayons I show the students how to draw the forest. We talk about the horizon line, the importance of overlapping, and that objects that are further back in space get smaller, object that are close are larger.

Paint with blues and greens.

Cut out the monster.

Paste to background. The kids really like this project and love drawing different kinds of monsters. Here are some examples from last year. I decided to add the background in this year.


  1. I thought I already wrote to you but it's not showing up here.

    Anyways, I love using this book to teach texture! I linked you on my blog. I have used this book in a variety of ways but I think I will do this version this year. . . if you don't mind:)

  2. Thanks Erica. The kids really enjoy that book to. I have no problem with you using the lesson. I think I got the idea of the monster from another blogger I just changed the medium and decided to add a background this year. It really is a fun project.



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